XML Programmingfor Web & Enterprise Home      XSLTForms      Other Products & Solutions      Services      Contact The News*******02/22/2014Version 1.0 Release Candidate 2-------03/25/2010SVG support in XSLTForms-------05/11/2009Mark Logic is now an XSLTForms contributor More information XML is gaining ground and being used more and more for the Web, for data exchange... and tomorrow, XML databases will be mature and new conceptual approaches will emerge. Use of XML is just starting.<agenceXML> offers its expertise to help you to think with this new approach and to create valuable products with you.A significant product made by <agenceXML> :Due to innovative programming, <agenceXML> has published the project named XSLTForms to permit anybody to create rich forms according to XForms specifications which, then, can be interpreted by any recent browser without extension installation.Fast and light, XSLTForms has a secret : it is based on XSLT, the XML language to transform XML to XML !