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Version 1.0 Release Candidate 2

SVG support in XSLTForms

Mark Logic is now an XSLTForms contributor

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XSLTForms allows browsers to manipulate XForms. This is an open source client-side implementation, not a plug-in or install, that works with all major browser (Internet Explorer, FireFox, Opera, Safari, Chrome and more).

XForms has been specified by the W3C for rich forms (Web 2.0), with the greatest part of processing on client-side. An XForms document can be compared to an AJAX page but without Javascript code.

XForms fits XML databases according to the new architecture XRX (XForms-REST-XQuery) but can also be used with any other Web architecture (PHP/MySQL, ASP.Net, J2EE,...).

Because of an ingenious use of XSLT, XSLTForms is the free opensource engine (LGPL license) of its kind which is the most mature today and, even though it is young, universities, government institutions and big companies are already using it all around the world!

XSLTForms is shipped within Mark Logic Server and eXist-db among others.

Commercial support available. Extensions and performance improvements are proposed to customers. Please contact xsltforms@agencexml.com

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Support Mailing List: xsltforms-support

Online Documentation: XSLTForms WikiBook

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Ohloh project report for XSLTForms

W3C Test Suite Report for XSLTForms (last update: 08-Feb-2014)

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